Simplifying challenging engineering solutions

EIEN Engineering is committed to superior quality, value and consistent results to meet clients’ requirements. Get simplified engineering solutions on other side of structural complexity.

Offshore Structures
Onshore – Oil & Gas and Industries
Renewable Energy

Engineering the future. Re-engineering the past.

EIEN Engineering combines innovative technical design with excellent client service to deliver safe, efficient and cost effective solutions tailored to the customers’ demands.


Talent within our team, solidity in your project
Leading from the front with our expertise in taking off advance technology

  • Experienced and empowered resources, access to experienced resource to deliver complex projects.
  • Executed engineering for projects geographically located across the world as per global standards.
  • Structure condition assessment, NDT, material testing and selection
  • Project management and construction monitoring assistance
  • Modularization of onshore structures, lift, load-out and transportation analysis
  • SIM, life extension analysis, corrosion study, retrofitting and FEA
  • Successfully delivered services to leading operator, industrial house and EPC companies
  • concept to decommissioning, proposal engineering support


We keep a track of our justified competencies to imbibe the culture of trust and care


EIEN team played a crucial role in the success and timely completion of our projects. Qualified, experienced and empowered members are the strength of their team. Their complete support and detailed monitoring inspired us to build a long-term relationship with them.


It is a wonderful experience working with the EIEN Engineering team. They are always there to solve structural problems with fast track innovative solutions. They have immense potential in their work methodologies and effective project handling.

InSolre energy pvt ltd.

Timely delivery and satisfying work have strengthened our relationship with EIEN. It has been long since we are working with them and so far their techniques are evolving the fastest in the market. Their quality work and accelerating progress have built a good rapport in the industry.

Solving the difficult and challenging structural problems for operators in the oil and gas industry and renewable energy space. Through our two main service areas, advanced structural engineering and integrity management, eien ensures that clients’ onshore and offshore assets are high quality, structurally sound and tested to withstand long-term exposure.