Economic drivers at the end of asset life drive a different perspective and require a behavioural change to OPEX /CAPEX costs to ensure an asset can meet its decommissioning objectives safely and cost effectively.

eien understands the required approach needed to efficiently manage a late life asset through to the removals stage. We leverage our life cycle experience to deliver specific decommissioning support and services to our clients, ensuring a cost effective approach in non-economic life.

eien can provide operators access to value and fit for purpose engineering solutions of those late life assets to minimise decommissioning costs. Our Extensive experience combined with strategic risk management and qualified HSE procedures allow us to deliver an optimal and safe decommissioning program.

Our late-life and decommissioning experience allows eien to provide a range of services, including:
  • Offshore survey(above water), as built data, weight control reports, inventory of material and 3D modelling
  • Structural current condition assessments / structural
  • Removal engineering for topsides and Jackets which includes lift Analysis, Pad-eye and connection design, back-loading, transportation and load-in analysis
  • Constructability assessment / study , removal procedure and HAZID/HAZCON
  • Constructability assessment / study , cutting plan , cutting method assessment and sequence for the safe removal and dismantling
  • Cost estimation and cost benefit analysis for various decommissioning options

We are hugely experienced in asset integrity engineering, we can analyse integrity data of assets to understand defects and how to manage themin collaboration with strategic partners, eien can safely manage offshore teams activities from integrity management to removal of the structure.

Design and implement fit for purpose integrity management process to coincide with COP and into the removal process.

Piece small removal

We are hugely experienced in developing the piece small removal for the topsides to optimise the cost and reduce the HLV time offshore. Our rich experience in removal studies help us to develop the removal plans which are safe, practical and executable at offshore.

Onshore Dismantling and disposal engineering

We have extensive experience in dismantling and disposal engineering for the structures to ensure the cutting sequence, lifting and dismantling activities executed safely and disposal performed meeting the regulatory requirements with minimum impact to the environment.