Installation Engineering and Modularization

Eien provides installation engineering support for the onshore and offshore structures to ensure the safe and efficient installation. With practical experience of offshore and onshore structure installation we are ideally placed to carry out the desktop studies which reduce the construction time, interface with the live facilities and addresses the safety critical elements to be considered for the safe installation. Eien expertise includes development of installation procedures and details required to execute the work at site.

Our extensive experience associated with the installation of offshore and onshore structures allows eien to provide a range of services, including -

Our late-life and decommissioning experience allows eien to provide a range of services, including:
  • Transportation and Installation engineering of equipment supporting modules/skids, pipe-rack, Jacket, topside structures and Brownfield modifications
  • Offshore survey and conditional assessment of structures
  • Development of Installation procedure and method statements post constructability studies
  • Removal Engineering, Lift Analysis, Pad-eye and Connection design, back-loading and load-in analysis
  • Transportation analysis, Lashing and sea fastening design and layout
  • Constructability assessment / study, installation procedure and HAZCON
  • REMOVAL Engineering of topside, conductors and jacket structure
  • Dismantling engineering and cutting plan / sequencing for decommissioning projects

With a growing demand for energy and industrial construction across the globe, developers increasingly face challenges that can put their project delivery at risk. Increased uncertainty related to safety, quality, cost and schedule can seriously affect economics and financing options for projects.

Modular construction has emerged as an effective solution to mitigate risk, particularly on projects in remote and harsh-climate locations, facing limited availability of skilled workforce or where there are extensive labour costs, in need of extensive quality testing, using high-density piping design, or requiring schedule certainty.

We provide structural detail engineering services for the modular structures which include planning, feasibility assessment, lift, onshore and offshore transportation analysis, fatigue analysis, constructability studies and installation procedures. Modularization study in the pre-FEED and FEED stage to recommend customers the best solution for their project.

Specialist advanced analysis capability exists in –

  • Pre-Assembled Units (PAU) modules
  • Pre-Assembled Pipe Rack (PAR) modules
  • Pre-Assembled Manifold (PAM) modules
  • Modular furnaces and modular reformer package
  • Equipment skids
  • Offshore modules for FPSO and fixed platforms