Offshore Structures

Eien engineering is a specialty-engineering firm that solves complex and high-risk offshore structural engineering problems for the oil and gas upstream sector. EIEN provides structural engineering services from SELECT, DEFINE, EXECUTE TO DECOMMISSIONING STAGES of Upstream Oil & Gas Projects.

We offer comprehensive consultancy services for concept development, design, verification, in-service and decommissioning of marine structures. This includes the detailed design analysis and design of the structures for all conditions.

We closely integrate with our clients by understanding their specific challenges and needs. As long-term partners, we are often reappointed by our clients for the safe and timely implementation of fast-track projects.

Our offshore structural engineering services cover:
  • Design and analysis of fixed offshore platforms which includes In-place, Lift, transportation, seismic and fatigue analysis for the fixed platforms
  • Feasibility/ concept development for the marginal platforms
  • Life extension and requalification of the existing offshore platform
  • Structural Integrity Management and RBI plan for offshore platform
  • Nonlinear analysis, including material and geometric effects
  • Pushover ultimate strength analysis
  • Brownfield modification engineering support -Equipment Support design, Pipe Support design, deck extension, lifting and installation engineering for Brownfield modifications
  • Cathodic Protection Studies and CP retrofitting for the existing platform
  • Damage investigation and remediation plan for the existing platforms
  • FPSO topside module structural analysis
  • Stability analysis of subsea pipeline
  • Advanced structural analysis for accidental loads (ship impact , Blast etc.) / FEA
  • Detail drawings, fabrication engineering and 3D Modelling for the topsides and jacket structure
  • Design of connections, FEA , grouted connections, retrofitting of existing structures
  • Proposal engineering support and cost estimation
  • Structural analysis of topside modules / skids for operating and installation design conditions

Our teams design new structures and analyse and redesign existing ones to establish maximum load capacities, extend and optimise design life, and incorporate modifications. We also draw up installation/removal studies and provide engineering support. We can review third-party designs and studies, and either focus our efforts on specific aspects (such as hazard mitigation or performance standards analysis), or else manage the entire project from preliminary study through to final completion.

In the current economic climate there are plenty of opportunities to develop small fields, provided they can be exploited economically, ideally by using an existing platform. But many offshore structures have exceeded their original design lives, and some are thought to have reached their topside load limits.

By applying cutting-edge structural analysis techniques, eien devises development concepts that maximise value, for example by showing that many of these structures can continue to perform safely during their extended design life, even during sustained periods of maximum topside loading.


With extensive experience in engineering solutions for the oil and gas industry, Eien provides highly qualified cost estimation. Our cost estimates are applicable throughout the project life cycle from early conceptual and feasibility studies to final design solutions.


Successful execution of Brownfield modification projects is inherently complex due to the integration challenges with existing facilities and systems.

Brownfield modification focus areas include:

  • Confirming capacity of existing systems
  • Detailed constructability reviews to establish physical and logistical constraints and drive design towards build simplicity
  • Identify and minimise requirement for partial / full production shutdowns through design
  • Establish asset late life issues which may place additional constraints and / or scope on the project (i.e. turndown, integrity, regulatory change)