Renewable Energy – Wind and Solar Power

EIEN Engineering offers a complete package of technical advisory services for renewable energy key stakeholders and prides itself on providing quality through attention to detail, building upon our team's experience in the renewable energy industry.

Our renewable energy specialists offer a comprehensive package of services for those looking to develop wind and solar power projects. Our dedicated team has the skills and experience to manage projects from resource analysis through to planning and specification, ensuring consistency, attention to detail and ultimately success.

Our renewable service cover project inception, deployment, and operation to provide full asset lifecycle support.

250 + MW solar power delivered successfully across India
Our extensive experience associated with the consultancy for the solar power plant allows eien to provide a range of services, including -
  • Techno economic feasibility study for the project, engineering services for solar and wind power projects from concept to commissioning
  • Civil and Structural detail engineering services
  • Geotechnical consultancy
  • Construction monitoring and support
  • Feasibility studies & Glare hazard analysis
  • Project management and development assistance
  • Technology assessments
  • Due diligence studies (financial, contractual and technical)
  • Site finding and site survey support
  • Glare Hazard analysis, assessment and mitigation plans (Forge solar software analysis and assessment)
Our engineering services for solar power plant cover:
  • Detail engineering services for solar power plants, including design of mounting structure, foundation design , pile design
  • 3D modeling, Detail drawings and Fabrication Engineering
  • Material Take off, Pre Bid Engineering and Bid preparations
  • DPR report preparations
  • Engineering specifications
  • Glare analysis for the solar power projects

Eien has successfully executed several feasibility studies for the wind turbine supporting structure and our structural engineering capability in wind power sector include:

  • Conversant with AISC, IS and IEC61400 for the design of wind turbine structure. Expertise in utilizing IEC design guidelines, other industry best practices and lesson learnt for wind tower design
  • Establishing the turbulence characteristics and computational fluid dynamic analysis
  • Wind response spectrum analysis, establishing the fatigue load and check the design for fatigue loads. Dynamic analysis of supporting tower structure and assessment of wake effect of nearby turbines
  • Simplified fatigue analysis to access the wind tower structure
  • Analysis and design using SAP2000 (FEA model and dynamic analysis)
  • Conversant with ABAQUS / ANSYS FEA tools
  • Lateral buckling failure due wind loading
  • Foundation Design and connection checks