Structural Integrity Management

Our structural integrity management services cover a wide range of analyses that help clients safeguard their offshore and onshore asset throughout its entire lifetime.

As a structure approaches the end of its design life, our structural integrity solutions, data combined with advanced fatigue analyses has the potential to generate significant cost savings as it establishes whether it is necessary to initiate structural reinforcement work.

Our structural integrity management concept consists in combining a scientific approach with practical solutions to ensure:

  • Reduced risks
  • Increased safety
  • Increase reliability
  • Improved environmental performances
Our capabilities in structural integrity management include:
  • Site Survey , condition assessment, NDT inspection / NDE and as builting of the existing assets
  • Reassessments & life extension studies
  • Retrofitting / strengthening of existing structure for the re-qualification / life extension of existing structure
  • Advanced structural analysis (FEA)
  • Fracture mechanical evaluation & fitness for service
  • Corrosion assessment, Cathodic protection (CP) design and retrofitting for existing structure
  • Nonlinear analysis, including material and geometric effects
  • Advanced analysis / Pushover ultimate strength analysis of existing structures and connections
  • Structural integrity management incl. reassessments, weight monitoring, inspection planning, surveys and structural health monitoring systems
  • Advanced inspection (onshore / offshore / subsea)
  • Monitoring (vibration / structure / corrosion)
  • Development of maintenance, inspection, and monitoring philosophies and strategies

eien inspects and monitors existing structures for potential deficiencies in condition, capacity or operation, in order to develop robust and reliable solutions for the client.

Structural engineering pedigree

Experience with a range of international structural design codes, offshore industry specific and certification authority standards and practices, we can deliver sound structural engineering analyses to meet your requirements and satisfy those of others.