Vision & Values

Vision & Values

We help our customers achieve more in less time for less money.

EIEN Engineering aims to become a renowned niche engineering company that focuses on innovative and cost effective solutions to complex and challenging structural engineering, asset integrity and risk assessment problems especially for oil & gas, chemical, infrastructure and renewable sector.

We ensure specially designed technology, project , management, construction and procurement support to clients in our full capacity.


We work with small to large sized projects. We promise to be in line with customer preferences and provide optimum and customised solutions that fit the project requirement.

Exceeding expectations

We deliver high standard services that exceed customer expectations. We take great pride in the quality of our work, and are always eager to receive and respond to feedbacks. We believe in continuous learning.

Growth & development

We impart great importance to continuous improvement and to stay in league with latest technology to grow and serve in competitive environment.


We care for our people and cause no harm to environment. Our path is to deliver best quality results, wealth creation and become a world class engineering and resource provider.

Technical advancement

We endeavour to have broad perspective and always look out for innovative solutions considering risk factors along. We constantly upgrade ourselves and offer technically advanced and efficient provisions.